How to Resize Azure VM OS Disk


Sadly, I cannot find a way to resize a VM OS Disk using Azure Dashboard.


  1. Stop / deallocate the VM using Azure Dashboard.
  2. Launch Windows Powershell and run the following command
  3. “Add-AzureAccount”.  Enter your login and password.
  4. “Select-AzureSubscription –SubscriptionId <subscriptionId>”.  You can use Azure Dashboard to view the SubscriptionId.
  5. Get-AzureVM -ServiceName “<Cloud Service Name>” -Name “<VM Name>” | Get-AzureOSDisk
  6. Update-AzureDisk -DiskName “VMOSDisk” -Label Resized -ResizedSizeInGB 60
  7. “Remove-AzureSubscription – SubscriptionId <subscriptionId>”
  8. Start the VM.
  9. Use VM’s Disk Management and Expand the Disk so it will use any new disk usage.



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