Troubleshoot Add-Migration Error: Migrations are Pending


When I try to do an “add-migration”, I get the following error:

Unable to generate an explicit migration because the following explicit migrations are pending: …


There are multiple causes/fixes:

  1. Most of the time, it is because one forgets to do the “update database” with pending migration scripts.
  2. In Package Manager Console, select the correct Default project.  It should be the project with the database model.
  3. In Solution Explorer, verify the correct startup project is selected.  The project name should be in bold font.
  4. In app.config of the startup project, check the connection string to make sure the right database is being checked against.
  5. Check the __MigrationHistory database in the target database.  Check the value of the column “ContextKey”.  It should be the same as the class name in Migrations/Configuration.cs
  6. When all else fails, you can explicit set it:

add-migration [migrationScriptName] –ConfigurationTypeName [ConfigurationClassName] –StartUpProject [startupProjectName] –ConnectionStringName [ConnectionName]



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