7 Habits of Rich People

#1 Read

  • 88% of rich people reads 30+ mins for education / self help.

#2 Exercise

  • 76% of rich people exercise 30+ mins everyday.

#3 Build Positive Relationship

  • They volunteer, which is a great way to meet other positive, motivated individuals.
  • They limit their exposure to negative people.

#4 Goal Settings

  • They make plans and pursue them deliberately.

#5 Sleeping Well

  • 89% of rich people sleep 7 or 8+ hours each night.

#6 Developing Multiple Incomes

  • 65% of rich people have at least 3 streams of income to weather economic downturns.
  • Examples include side-business, REIT, real estate.

#7 Avoid Wasting Time

  • Be aware of exactly how to invest your time.
  • Time is as important as money if not more.
  • Be careful about time spending on apps / videos / browsing social sites.



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