Taskbar Overlapping Maximized Windows


On my Windows 8.1, the taskbar works normal on the desktop.  However, I have 2 extended desktop on 2 monitors. 


On these extended desktops, any maximized windows would either cover the taskbar or covered by the taskbar. For example, the taskbar covers/overlaps the bottom of my maximized Excel, I cannot click on the bottom worksheet tabs easily.


  1. Right click on the taskbar, select Properties
  2. Check Auto-hide the taskbar.  Click OK.
  3. Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen so it brings up the taskbar.
  4. Right click on the taskbar, select Properties
  5. Clear the checkbox Auto-hide the taskbar.  Click OK.
  6. Any maximized windows and the taskbar should no longer overlap/cover each other.



SSIS DTS Package Flatfiles with _x003C_none_x003E_

If you see “_x003C_none_x003E_” in the output file (probably a CSV), it is because the value of the text qualifier is set to “_x003C_none_x003E_”.  It is a bug.

You can fix it by opening the package with notepad and remove “_x003C_none_x003E_” from TextQualifier.

Change from

<DTS:Property DTS:Name=”TextQualifier”>_x003C_none_x003E_</DTS:Property>


<DTS:Property DTS:Name=”TextQualifier”></DTS:Property>

You can verify by checking it with Visual Studio: