Connect to your AWS EC2 Instance with RDP

If you are paranoid about security, you may have set up a security rule restrict the RDP traffic source traffic.

If you get a different public IP from your workstation (due to location change or release of IP address), you may no longer be able to access your AWS EC2 instance remotely.

To troubleshoot, you can login to AWS console, view your running instance.  Under Security groups, choose view rules.  You can now see the allowed source IP address for RDP traffic.  Once you update the security group rules with your new public IP, you should be able to connect without reboot the instance.  Note that the security groups rules may not reflect your new public IP right away.


Asp.Net MVC Enable OAuth for Linkedin

OAuth for Linkedin is not installed by default.

You have to NuGet a package called “Owin.Security.Providers”.  It does LinkedIn Yahoo, etc.

Make sure you add the following to your Startup.Auth.cs

   1: using Owin.Security.Providers.LinkedIn;

you can then add the following:

   1: app.UseLinkedInAuthentication("xxxxxxxxx", "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy");


On Linked Developer portal (, you need to Create Application.

Once you fill out the necessary info, it will give you ClientID and Client Secret.  Most importantly, you need to specify OAuth 2.0 Authorized Redirect URLs.

If you are doing local development, you probably will specify a URL like “https://localhost:<xxxx>/signin-linkedin” where <xxxx> is your own port #.