How to Install GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificate onto Multiple IIS 8 Servers

With wildcard SSL certificate, you are trying to protect all subdomains (e.g.,

You start off by creating a certificate signing request (CSR) from server01 and submit it to GoDaddy.

Once GoDaddy generates the certificates, you can download them and install them onto server01.  Be sure your certificate is SHA-2, not SHA-1.

Now if you want to install the same certificates into server02 using the same instructions, you will encounter the problem of disappearing certificates after you choose to “Complete Certificate Request”. 


1.  on server01 IIS—> Server Certificate, export the wildcard SSL certificate to a .pfx file after specifying a password.


2.  on server02 IIS—> Server Certificates, import the certiciate .pfx file after entering the specified password.



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