How to Convert VMWare .vmdk to Hyper-V .vhdx

  1. Download Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.1 over here.
  2. Install mvmc_setup.msi
  3. Run your Powershel 3.0+ as an administrator.
Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter\MvmcCmdlet.psd1"
ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk -SourceLiteralPath "E:\VM\xxxxx.vmdk" -DestinationLIteralPath "C:\VHDXs"

Note that it is “ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk “, not “ConvertTo-VirtualHardDisk”, as written in the MVMC_cmdlets.doc’s examples.

If you use “Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.1” GUI, you will have to select a VMWare server as a source.

The powershell cmdlet allows you to convert a local .vmdk file.