WordPress – Client Portal

To implement client portal in wordpress, there are many solutions. In my case, I need to set up a portal so that clients can login with their username and password, view client specific portal pages, and download clients specific documents.

I’ve reviewed 2 solutions: s2member and WP-Client.

If you want the cheapest solution, you cannot go wrong with S2Member Free Edition. You can set up client Portal using “custom capability” of S2Member Framework. You will need other plugins such as Login Redirect.

If you want a more professional solution with more features, such as client uploading, project management, private communication, then WP-Client offers them for a price.

Private & Secure Client Ports
Estimates & Invoice
Secure File Upload & Download
Import Clients by Batch
Client Registration
Create Client Circles
Assign Client Managers
Option to require payment for access to Portals
Time Limited Temporary Access to Portal
Custom Post Type in Portal
Custom Titles Feature
Clients can create credentials for their staff
Show/Hide Content Based on Client/Client Circle
File Management & File Categorization
Remote File Support
Project Feedback
Private Messaging — A proprietary private messaging system allows your clients to communicate with you in total privacy, right inside the client portal area. Emails are sent containing the content of the private message along with a one-click link that allows you to respond securely to that message.
Custom Client Login Page
Permit Clients to edit their Portal Pages
Client Login Alerts
Add/Remove Permissions
Client Login Redirect
Keep Robots/Spiders from Indexing
Notify Clients about Updated Portal Pages

This can be a great interface to interact with the following:

Be sure to check out their pricing carefully as different license offers different number of licensed URLs and plugins. http://WP-Client.com

I like the fact that they have a “100% guarantee”, 14-day money back.


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