Visual Studio Online TFS Git and XCode

  1. I assume you have created a Git repository in TFS.  Logon to TFS.
  2. Write down the Git repository Url.SNAGHTML157147cc
  3. Open your TFS profile, and enable alternate credentials.  See instructions here.
  4. Create a secondary user name.  Make sure it does not contain “@”.
  5. Don’t set up Git in XCode yet.  For some strange reason, you get an authentication error about incorrect password.
  6. Launch Terminal, change directory to your repository folder and do
  7. > git clone https://[account][team 

  8. Now you can go to Xcode –> Preference –> Accounts
  9. At the bottom of the left panel, choose Add a repository.
  10. Set up a Git repository with the Git Url and the secondary user name and password.
  11. You should be able to do Pull and Commit via XCode’s Source Control.

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