Deploy Database to Azure SQL Database

I was trying the new service tiers for Azure SQL Database (still in preview) at this point.  I wanted to test out “Basic” Edition.


When I tried to do a web deploy from VS2013, it failed with error message:

“Failed to import target model <DBName>. Detailed message Unable to reconnect to database.”


When I downgraded the Azure SQL Database Edition from “Basic” to “Web”.  The web database deployment succeeded.



The schema deployed fine.  Now I want to deploy the data as well.  However, the VS 2013 project settings “Package/Publish SQL” seem to be ignored and over ruled by the Web Deploy settings.  The Web Deploy will only compare and update schema.


After failing to find a quick way to do this, I resorted back to the good ole SQL Server import and Export & VS 2013 Data Compare to copy data from LocalDb to Azure SQL Database


I will switch back to “Basic” edition because I want to verify the following features:

  • Point-in-time Restore: Any point within 7 days”
  • Security: Auditing
  • Disaster Recovery: Geo-restore, restore to any Azure region

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