Sticky Idea SUCCESs Model

One can evaluate a sticky ideas using SUCCESs model principles:

  1. Simple –
    1. What is the core message?  What is the lead of the story?  What would be the 1 sentence description?  Consider using proverbs or analogies.
  2. Unexpected
    1. Use elements of surprise, knowledge gaps, and mystery to grab attentions, pick curiosity, and hold interests.  The audience has to “want” to learn more.
  3. Concrete
    1. To be concrete, use sensory languages to describe a mental picture.
  4. Credible
    1. Gain credibility from authorities or living proof.
    2. Statistics that can be compared to tangible daily things.
    3. Vivid Details
    4. “See for yourself”
  5. Emotional
    1. People care about people, not numbers.
    2. Identity appeals. 
  6. Stories
    1. Use stories to simulate a situation and share the solutions to problems.
    2. A success story can inspire people to want to follow.  (e.g. Subway sandwich diet)


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