Windows Azure SQL Database

Here are my strategies on setting up Windows Azure SQL Database for a development database with a developer login.

  1. Create a new SQL database on a new server.  You will get an assigned server. 
  2. Make sure you have a meaningful database server admin name.  Do not name it for a database “databaseXYZsa”.  Rather, name it like “dbserverXYZsa”.  Why? because you will probably add more databases to the same server and they all will share the same admin account.
  3. Use the admin account to connect to “master” database.  You cannot do “use master go”.  You have to configure a database connection, specifying “master” as the database.  Then you can create a login.
  4. CREATE LOGIN login1 WITH password='<ProvidePassword>';
  5. Then you can connect to your new database and add a user as an dbowner.



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