Deploy / Migration a WordPress Site to Windows Platform

If you want do it manually.  This is the article for you.

There are plenty of paid solutions for this.  Two promising options include:

  • Backup Buddy ($50)
  • UpdraftPlus (The migrate add-on costs $30)

However, I am reviewing a FREE option here: Duplicator.

Here are some quick steps I used to create a windows 2012 production server at AWS:

  1. Launch an instance with Windows 2012 Base.
  2. Add IIS 8.0.  Be sure to select CGI in the role selection. How-to.
  3. Install WordPress via Windows Web App Gallery.
  4. It will create a MySQL database.  Be sure to click on the finish page link to copy the database information to your clipboard.  Paste that to a notepad and save it to a secure place.  You will need the database name, database username, and the password.
  5. Within IIS, recycle the application pool for the WordPress to make sure there are no files locked.
  6. Delete all folders within your newly created WordPress website physical directory (e.g. c:\inetpub\\)
  7. Install and run Duplicator on your source WordPress site.  You need to copy both the installer file and package file to the target website physical directory (e.g. c:\inetpub\\)
  8. Make sure your website has the appropriate hostname (e.g.”), not just “localhost”.
  9. Use a browser and navigate to
  10. On Step1: enter the saved database name, username, and password.
  11. Check “Table Removal” to delete existing tables in the MySQL database.
  12. On Step2, leave everything as it is.  For me, changing the New Settings URL & Path only screwed up the migration.
  13. Verify that your new production wordpress site actually works.
  14. Follow the steps to resave permalinks and clean up installation files.

One final tip: Everyone temporarily.


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