How to Enable Google+ for Google Apps User


If you or the person you’re in a Hangout with doesn’t have a Google+ account, you can start or join a limited video call, which is a one-on-one video call.  You will note that your URL has “lite” in it.

But, if you upgrade to a full Google+ account you get access to all Hangouts’ features including the ability to:

  • Start a video call with up to 9 people
  • Share your screen
  • Use apps in the video call

Upgrade to a free Google+ account at


Google provides poor documentation on how to enable Google+ for existing Google Apps User.

I logged in as admin and I don’t see Google+ listed in Admin console –> Google Apps –> Add Services.


  1. I go to Admin console –> Users. 
  2. Select an admin user.
  3. Select “x More Google services enabled”
  4. Select Google+
  5. Set to “ON for everyone”
  6. Each user must sign up (e.g. upgrade) at  Be sure to put in an age older than 17.

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