Robocopy Destination Folder Became System Hidden


If you are using robocopy to copy from a root drive folder, u may run into a few issues. 

  1. It tries to copy at least 2 system hidden folders:
    1. Recycle bin on the source drive.
    2. System Volume Information
  2. Destination folder becomes system hidden.


   1: rem /E -- copy all folders recursively on E:

   2: rem /XD -- skip 2 system folders: Recyle Bin and System Volume Information

   3: rem /MIR -- mirror delete on destination if source does not have that file any more

   4: robocopy E: "F:\Backup\xxxx" /XD e:\$RECYCLE.BIN "e:\System Volume Information" /E /MIR


   6: rem unhide and don't make the dest folder a system folder

   7: attrib -s -a -h "F:\Backup\xxxx"

   8: pause


One thought on “Robocopy Destination Folder Became System Hidden

  1. Useful help thank you. One note, you do not need /E when also using /MIR. see
    Also if the destination folder already exists, robocopy will not alter its attributes. You could e.g. use MD (make directory) to create the destination root folder before executing robocopy. This way you do not run attrib after, you instead run md before.

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