Add a VS2012 Project to TFS


You have a solution already added to the source control TFS.  Then you start renaming some of the projects within the solution.


Then you get error saying that the binding of the project is invalid, and you don’t see the project listed in Source Control Explorer.  You also notice that the project does not have a source control  (i.e. blue lock icon) next to it in Solution Explorer. 

You try to add the project via Solution Explorer, but there is nothing like “Add project to source control”.  You try unbind and then bind the project with no success.


  1. Use Source Control Explorer
  2. Right-click on the solution folder and select “Add Items to Folder…”
  3. Select the folders of the projects you want to add to TFS and click Finish.
  4. Remember to Check In to commit the changes.

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