iText for .Net

Book Review: iText in Action Second Edition

My initial impression: I find the book useful in understand how to use iText.  For example, there are at least 4 different ways to copy a page from PDF: PdfWriter, PdfStamper, PdfCopy, PdfSmartCopy.


iTextSharp DLL

I downloaded and found 3 DLLs.  At first, I was at a loss of what they were meant for.  I hope the following info would help others decide when to use them: 

  • itextsharp.dll – this is the core dll.  If you use iText, you need it.
  • itextsharp.pdfa.dll – this is for PDFA, a variant of PDF that is specialized for long term archiving.  For example, font embedding is used over font linking.
  • itextsharp.xtra.dll – this is needed for hyphenation or asian languages.  Hyphenation rules determine whether to split a long word at the end of a line (e.g. elephant vs e-lephant).


iText is not designed to render PDF files.  For example, you cannot use iText to generate thumbnail images from each page within a PDF.


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