Windows 8 is Made for Lenovo Yoga 13 – Part 1

After 3+ years of suffering with a HP laptop, I finally got my hand on the new Lenovo Yoga 13. 

It took a lot to overcome the frugal side of me and invest ~$1,700 of my personal money into a laptop.  I know I know… it is nothing in the Apple world. 

Now, I already have 2 iPads at home and they are great for entertainments.  But they are just not meant for serious work.

I want to interrupt this program by thanking Microsoft for gifting me a Samsung Slate Series 7, valued at taxable $1,000.  I was tempted to keep it, but I sold it as it could only have a max of 4GB of memory.

The story of my yawning for a powerful tablet to be continued …


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